Quality-Control An independent supervisory department is controlling, monitoring and qualifying the processes and the final production.
The in house Laboratory is controlling the chemical composition of the metal and incoming materials, as the mechanical properties of the castings. See List of machinery and apparatuses used.




In the laboratory the Company made ​​the following tests:

1. Input control materials
2. Testing of molding
3. Expression analysis of current batches
4. Final analysis of the performance of the castings that includes:
- Analysis of the content in% of the individual chemical elements
- Mechanical properties of the metal:
Tensile strength
Yield strength
Elongation %
impact bending
hardness HB

For this purpose we have the following equipment:

1. Kvantometar SPECTROMAX
2. strength testing machine type ZD-40
3. strength testing machine type P10;
4. Sharp’s Hammer
5. Hardness “TIH-2M” method Brinell
6. Microscope