The Foundry has two (2) such lines made in Germany by “KÜNKEL WAGNER”. Both lines are located in the mill for small and medium sized/weight castings.
The casting/moulding is based on Green sand Technology. Automatic molding line. Sizes of the flasks: 1000мм х 800мм х 350мм / 350мм. Capacity/output – 35 flask sets / hour. Recommended weight of the castings from 6 to 220 kg. Semi-Automatic moulding Line: Sizes of the flasks: 1700mm х 1350mm х 350mm / 500mm / 650mm . Productivity/output : eight (8) sets of flasks /hour. Recommended weight of the castings: 220 ÷ 900 kg (480 Lbs. to 1980 Lbs.).
The foundry cores used in this mill are made by „Cold-box“ technology (mixture of phenol resin hardened by blowing with СО2) , or „Hot-box“ technology